Parallel Occurences

"For a long time I have been interested in the concepts of the afterlife, memory, and human relationships. The presence of these concepts are imprinted on our lives, not always in a rational logical manner. Forms of human figures that often are not anthropomorphic or anthropomorphic animal figures appear in my paintings as oneiric scenes in a symbolic manner but also as in a state of alertness and awakeness.

At this period my work is comprised of the idea of ghostlike portraits created with a non-existing model. The works are based on the same spiritual concepts of the hereafter and memory and a search with a distinct intensity, presence and influence of the temporal/a-temporal.

The relation of these forms/beings function as an answer, as a beginning and end of anxieties.

Materials used are ink on paper, other graphic and mixed media such as markers, coloured pencils, acrylic paints.

Occasionally I paint over street posters or on recycled papers using the same scripture and varied techniques. The same conceptual infrastructure, through a colourful influence synching the present time with immortality time is apparent in these works.

The three-dimensional works, belong to the same concept though they are constructed primarily with yarn and wood.

I regard that the quest of life and art occur in parallel and lead into an “inner” search, through reason, the rational, and the absurd."